• Conduct taste tests. This is so fun! Find all the different kinds of apples or cereal or bread that you can and try each one while blindfolded. We did this with apples one day and my son will never let me go to the grocery store without requesting "his" apples. He knows that he loves Granny Smith apples the best because he tried them all! It is part of who he is.

  • Have fun and creative snacks. There are a hundred ways to make a sandwich: in triangles, shapes, triple-deckers, strange combinations, different kinds of bread, etc. Keep and use a file of fun ways to make kids' snacks.

  • Fix a "letter of the week" dinner. If you are wondering what to fix for dinner or if you are feeling ambitious, find a recipe that begins with the letter that week: spaghetti for s, enchiladas for e, etc.

Few things in life are more fun and rewarding than curling up on the couch with your kids and a good book. If you truly want your kids to learn to read well, then READ TO THEM EVERY DAY! There is no better way to teach your kids that reading is fun and interesting.
Click here to see a list of ALL the books we have read to our children.

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