No pop-up ads, ever.

Here is why: is a service given to the world community at no charge. We have found these educational principles to be good methods of teaching young children, and we want others to know about it. In-your-face pop-up ads would only detract from that message as would any other kind of webring, or other types of promotional activites. is not a business, it is a hobby and a service. The small amount of money received from selling the book, If It Isn't Fun, It Isn't Learning! is used to support this website (hosting services, domain name registration, etc) and to purchase other childrens books and educational materials to further our own education about teaching children. We want the service to be able to perpetuate itself. So far, it has.

We put the ad on the home page because we believe that they provide a good service that families should know about (besides, my husband was a developer there for a couple years). We receive no money of any kind or anything at all from, we just want other people to know about their great services.

The greatest way that you can repay us for these services is to use them in your home, have fun while you do it, and then email and tell us about it! I hope you will enjoy it as much as we have while we raised our little family.

Few things in life are more fun and rewarding than curling up on the couch with your kids and a good book. If you truly want your kids to learn to read well, then READ TO THEM EVERY DAY! There is no better way to teach your kids that reading is fun and interesting.
Click here to see a list of ALL the books we have read to our children.

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