The Cannon Family Scrapbook

Our Family
Here is a picture of our "little" family; more little in height than in size.
Doug and I met at BYU in 1989 and became such good friends that we decided to get married. We were married in April of 1990 in the Logan, Utah LDS Temple and 9 months later, Katie was born. Then in quick succession, came Joey, Jessica and Emilyn. We took a break for a couple of years then added Rachel, Sophie and Mariah.
Our kids have become more of a little club than anything and it's a blast to watch them organize their little projects (like pretend stores, mail delivery services, their own versions of tag, etc.). They do have their moments when they think it would be nice to be an only child (and so do I) but for the most part, we've been truly blessed with wonderful children. I know, everyone thinks that about their own kids-but hey, it's my prerogative, I'm the Mom.
Currently, we are enjoying a couple of acres outside the "big city", raising some chickens, some fruit trees, and our little family.
Here are a few other pictures of our family. Hope you enjoy.
Christmas Pageant Our version of the Christmas story (a la chicken pox): left to right, Joey playing an itchy, miserable Joseph; Jessica as Mary; Katie (in back) as the shepherd complete with a candy cane-topped shepherd's staff; Emilyn as the adorable angel (her version was: "Fear not! For behold, I give good tithings!" I laughed hard); and in front, the baby Jesus, played by Rachel at 4 months.
Cutest Kitten The cutest kitten in the world-Emilyn at age 2 1/2.
How to stand on an orange Jessica showing me her latest trick: how to stand on an orange.
Wizard of Oz cast The "Big Guys" (as the Wizard of Oz cast): Jessica (the lion), Katie (Dorothy), Emilyn (the scarecrow), and Joey (a bit uncomfortable as the Tin Man).
Bikes in the house? Jessica got a bicycle for her birthday in January and there was too much snow to try it out outside, so we brought the party down to the family room.
Joey Reading One of the neatest things to find: my kids all kicked-back and reading a book on their own. Here-"Joey-style".
Best buddies Buds from the beginning: Joey and Katie at 2 and 3 years old.
Camping game Here's the "Big Guys" playing some game they made up. (Ignore the outfits, we were camping).
No better friend What better friend can you have than someone who will brush your teeth?
Graduation One of my favorite pictures of all time. 6 days after my C-section with Joey, here we are posing at graduation. The reason I'm smiling is because the doctor sent me home with a whole bottle of Tylenol 3 with codeine. What a supportive husband to help me finish school!

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