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monkey bars

“M” Week Activities

Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center towers in September 2001, I bought a couple of rocks. I thought about sending them to

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girl holding red leaf over eye

“L” Week Activities

You know that “Oh no!” feeling you get when it’s too quiet upstairs? One time it was a Barbie Jeep full of lotion. Another time

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two children playing with a kitten

“K” Week Activities

Kids are so fascinating to watch. They are extremely uninhibited, determined, inquisitive, and earnest. Our job is to let them do things that will help

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mom playing with daughter

All My Good Intentions

This year….I will clean the bathroom once or twice when there aren’t guests coming. This year….I will not get upset when one of my children

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peanut butter and jelly sandwich

“J” Week Activities

“Why did the leaf cross the road?”“I don’t know, why?”“Leaves can’t talk!” My kids like to tell this joke over and over again and laugh

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